There are 12 Cemeteries in the Robertstown Ward, of which 9 are still used.
The currently used ones are:
Robertstown - 2
Point Pass - 2
Geranium Plain - 1
Emu Downs - 1
Emmaus - 1
Upper Bright - 1
Australia Plain - 1  
A list of the Cemeteries within the Regional Council of Goyder, which shows the Location, Owner the name of the Curator for each cemetery.
Use the Links below to visit those in the Robertstown area:
A link to a list of all persons who are buried in each cemetery, is included within each Cemeteries page. These lists also include the name of the curator for each cemetery.
Some of them are still in the Construction stage.
Robertstown Zion Cemetery
Robertstown St John Cemetery
Point Pass Immanuel Cemetery
Point Pass St Peter's Cemetery
Geranium Plain Cemetery
Emu Downs Cemetery
Emmaus Cemetery
Upper Bright Cemetery
Geranium Plain Cemetery    
Others in the area that are no longer used are:
North Anlaby Cemetery
Bundey Cemetery
Apoinga Cemetery    

If you are looking for details of your Ancestors, there is available on the Internet, a Web Site for Australian Cemeteries.

Australian Cemeteries

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