"Eudunda Robertstown Lutheran Parish"

The Eudunda Robertstown Lutheran Parish consists of the churches at Robertstown, Point Pass and Geranium Plain, Eudunda, Neales Flat and Peep Hill.



The Ministers who attend these churches are Pastor Joshua Muller and Visiting Pastors.

Pastor Josh Muller - Contact Details:



Eudunda SA 5374



(08) 8581 1023


(08) 8581 1010




Parish Office Secretary:


Janice Lipschinski



(08) 8581 1086


0407 808 789




The Worship Program for Church Services can be obtained from the links below:

August - September 2020 October - November 2020 December 2020 - January 2021 COVID-19 Lockdown Update

Message from the Office Administration

Hello everyone,

Although the South Australian lockdown will be lifted from midnight Saturday there will still be no public worship in the parish on Sunday, 22nd November 2020.  We won't have sufficient time to prepare for services and to ensure our church buildings have been properly cleaned.  Please avail yourself of the many online worship services.

We look forward to once again gathering for worship on Sunday 29th November for the First Sunday of Advent.

Janice Lipschinski - Office Administration - Eudunda Robertstown Lutheran Parish

The Parish has a Parish Council, Women's Fellowship and a Youth Group.

Parish Council

Combined Eudunda Robertstown Parish Youth Group

Contact Details:

Contact Details:

Chairman – Shane Schiller

Leader - Michelle Hoffmann

Phone: 0400 589 467
Phone:  0427 346 474

Vice Chairman - Anthony Pfitzner

Phone: 0429 811 984  

Secretary – Lesley-Anne Sander


Phone: 0400 557 613


Treasurer – Kathy Handke


Phone: 0400 714 502


Parish Women's Fellowship:

Working Women’s Group:

Contact Details:

Contact Details:


(Study and Fellowship Fortnightly on Tuesday evenings)

Audrey Ruediger

Deborah Myers



(08) 8581 7031

(08) 8581 7129


Young Mums Group:

Judy Milde

Contact Details:


Deborah Myers

(08) 8581 1527

(Study and Fellowship Monthly on various mornings)


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