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For the history of how the "Community Centre" was established, view the Community Centre History  page.

Every Month the Community Centre produces a Local Newsletter called "The Robbie Round Up" that gets distributed as a "Letter Drop" through the local Post plus it gets posted and emailed to people who have requested it.

It is now available to read it "online"

A Library was established at Robertstown in 1993 and located in the "Waiting Room", was transferred into the office that was used by the Chief Executive Officer. (District Clerk)

For further information:  Robertstown Library

During 1999, the establishment of  "Telecentre/s at Robertstown & Eudunda" was commenced and the Robertstown Telecentre was located in the "Main Office" that was used by the Council.

For further information:  Robertstown Community Centre Internet Cafe

comcent-frontwest.JPG (76290 bytes)

A view of the front of the room where the "Library" is located

comcent-fronteast.JPG (76206 bytes)

A view of the front of the room where the "Telecentre" is located

comcent-eastwest.JPG (83276 bytes)

A view of the East side of the Centre, with the back room shown between the trees. This is where the "Information Officer" is located and the vehicle belongs to the "Information Officer"

Over the years, the Community Centre and surrounds have been put to many other uses:

Some of them have been:


Relevant Information


Further Information


A "Meeting Place"

Meeting/s of numerous Community Organisation/s Robertstown Community Management Inc.


Anzac Day Service

A Shrine is located within the grounds Robertstown RSL


Public Toilets

Public Conveniences for everyone's use

comcent-back.JPG (76411 bytes)



Acknowledgement of Community Events

Celebration of the Centenary of Robertstown in 1971

comcent-centplaq.JPG (79253 bytes)



Acknowledgement of Community Achievements

A place to display Community Awards

Robertstown - "Community Awards"



A Place for all the "Family"

Sit and relax or eat, while the children play

comcent-playsouthnorth.JPG (78603 bytes)



Bar-B-Que Facilities

A coin operated Bar-B-Que is available for the Public

comcent-bbqarea.JPG (77153 bytes)


comcent-southnorth.JPG (78644 bytes)

A front view, which shows the "Shrine", "Community Notice Board" and "Flag Poles"

comcent-sign.JPG (75671 bytes)

The sign in front of the Centre as it is today

comm_cent_welcome_sign.JPG (81980 bytes)

The newly erected sign with a brief History of Robertstown.

When you visit the Community Centre, the following page is a sample of some of what is inside it.

Robertstown Community Centre Interior

Index Page

Community Groups

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