"Robertstown Country Women's Association"

The South Australian Country Women's Association Inc. - Robertstown Branch conducts it monthly meetings, at the Robertstown Peace Hall Supper Room, on the 4th Wednesday of each month.


At each meeting, a theme is set for:

Other items include:

Provision is made for anyone who wishes to learn "Handicrafts" and this can be requested at any meeting.

Any ladies are quite welcome to attend any of their meetings, which commence at 1:30PM.

The program for August 2002 to July 2003 can be viewed on the link below.

CWA Program

Contact Details:


  •    President:
  •    Vice President:
             Mrs. Valerie Mosey              Mrs. Elma Pfitzner
             Phone:    (08) 8581 7102              Phone:    (08) 8581 7023


  •    Secretary:
  •    Treasurer:
             Mrs. Dehla Schmidt             Mrs. Edie Wright
             Phone:    (08) 8581 7180              Phone:    (08) 8581 7117


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