"Annual Photography Competition"

A local volunteer venture aiming to promote tourism and business in Robertstown.

Based at the Robertstown Telecentre - Phone (08) 8581 7209

The ANNUAL "PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION" is being conducted, as per all of the details on the Form below.

You can either save and/or print a copy of it for you, or give it to others to use to enter the competition.

2006 Annual Photography Competition Details and Entry Form

Photo Classes:
1 Action - Human, Animal or Mechanical 6 Landscape
2 Architecture - Ancient or Modern 7 Water (Sea or Inland)
3 Historical - Old Family Heirlooms 8 Flora & Fauna
4 Portrait - Adult or Child 9 Enlargement (Any Subject)
5 Black & White - Any Subject    
Apart from Class 9, ALL prints must be standard Postcard Size - 6" x 4"


  Entries close 4pm on Wednesday, 31st May 2006 or before at the Robertstown Telecentre or with Maureen Stephens, Telephone: 08 8581 1540
  Entry Fee:
  $5.00 for an unlimited amount of entries OR $1.00 per single entry

The Official Opening times of the Telecentre for the public to view entries are:

Saturday, 10th June 2006 11am - 3pm
Sunday, 11th June 2006 11am - 3pm
Winners announced with Trophies and Medals presented at 2pm on Sunday, 11th June 2006.



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