"Robertstown Working Towns Committee"

A Sub-committee of Robertstown Community Management Inc.


  •    Chairperson
  •    Project Manager
             Mrs Toni Brown              Mr Harvey Neal
             Phone:   (08) 8581 8221


             Phone:   (08) 8581 8253
  •    Federation Garden's Co-ordinator
             Mrs Helen Blane
             Phone:   (08) 8581 7103


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Harvey Neal - Project Manager

This sub-committee is working on beautifying Robertstown for the people who live there and to attract tourism.


Projects include:-


Establishing a native garden in the old railway yards, named "Federation Park", showcasing the local changes in plant species either side of Goyder's Line, which is east of the town.


For more information, view the "Federation Park" page.


Development of Inspiration Point.


For more information, view the "Inspiration Point" page.


Establishing welcoming signage at the town entrances.


For more information, view the "Town Entrance's" page.


Working Towns Update

The working group has started seed collecting. They are concentrating on finding rare species that have all but disappeared from the district. These rare plants will be saved by planting them in the garden and at other sites around the town.


It is hoped that the Robertstown Primary School children will be involved within the project during the 2003 year.

Anyone interested in joining our venture, especially keen gardeners, could they please contact either Helen Blane or Toni Brown. 

Our next working bee date in the garden will be advertised in Lehmann's Store window and the Community Notice Board.


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