"Adrian Menzel resigns from the St John Ambulance Brigade and the SA Ambulance Service"

"The End of an Era"

After 32 years the Volunteer Team Leader of the SA Ambulance Service - Eudunda Station, Mr Adrian Menzel resigned from the SA Ambulance Service on 28th April 2005, due to his health slowly deteriorating over the last 12 months carrying out the role as the Volunteer Team Leader.

The average Volunteer Ambulance Officer commits themselves for about 2 ½ years, but in Adrian’s case the commitment that he had given to the St John Ambulance and the SA Ambulance Service is truly a remarkable achievement.

He dedicated himself to the operation of the Ambulance in Eudunda & Robertstown as the Volunteer Team Leader, ably assisted by his wife Val, who is the Assistant Team Leader, and as a team within themselves, they both devoted a great amount of time as Volunteers within their communities.

In announcing his resignation, Adrian said, “I have enjoyed it immensely, as I got great pleasure out of not only helping my community, but also helping people in times when they are sick or injured. I have had some very enjoyable times in my role as a Volunteer Ambulance Officer, but there have also been some sad times and unfortunately it happens within the job”.

He went on to say “ In the event of some improvement of my health in time to come, I may be willing to offer minor support in an administrative role”.

Adrian joined the St John Ambulance Brigade, Adelaide (Motor Cycle) Division after he had completed a First Aid course on 9th May 1973, due to his interest in motor sports.

Having gained some experience with First Aid training and attending various duties and then he trained to become a Volunteer Ambulance Officer in completing a Casualty Care & Transport course in April 1977.

He also expanded his knowledge and skills by completing a Home Nursing course in December 1977.

To gain more “hands on” experience with patients, he rostered himself as a Volunteer Ambulance Officer at metropolitan stations, working various shifts.

Whilst in Adelaide he completed other courses for promotion within the brigade, these being:
Corporal in June 1982  
Radio/Telephonist operator in July 1983  
Sergeant in August 1984  
Emergency Care and Transport in January 1984  

In October 1984, the Menzel family moved from Adelaide to Robertstown, transferring to the Eudunda Division.

Whilst being a member at Eudunda, he continued attending courses, which were:  
Officers’ promotion during March 1986  
Brigade Recruit training in July 1987  
Introduction to Disaster Management in May 1995  
Heartstart 3000QR in June 1995  
GTN Spray in September 1996  
Certificate IV in Community Studies (Ambulance) in December 2003  


He was appointed as:
Divisional Officer (Grade V) in July 1987
Divisional Superintendent (Grade IV) in December 1991  
Transport Officer for the St John SA Ambulance Service in 1993  
Volunteer Team Leader in September 1998  


During Adrian’s service, he received many awards:
The St John Medal for 12 years continuous efficient service in 1984  
The National Medal by the Australian Government, for 15 years of continual service in 1988  
First Bar to the St John Medal at 17 years in 1990  
Membership to the Australian Institute of Emergency Services in March 1995  
Second Bar to the St John Medal at 22 years in 1995
Citizen of the Year Award for the District Council of Robertstown in 1996, being the youngest person to ever be awarded it since it’s inception
Serving Brother in the Order of St John. Her Excellency, the Deputy Prior of St John in South Australia and the Governor of South Australia, Dame Roma Mitchell conducted the Investiture Ceremony at Government House on 3rd May 1996, where he received his Insignia  
First Clasp to the National Medal for 25 years of continual service in 1999  
A “Gold Watch” for 25 years Service which was implemented by the SA Ambulance Service in May 2003 to all Volunteer persons who qualified from the whole state of South Australia  

akm_saas_25_watch_presentation.jpg (227765 bytes)

Adrian being presented with a SA Ambulance Service Gold Watch for 25 years Service by Ms Jennifer Rankine Member for Wright & Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier, for Volunteers, Children's Services and Children's Health

Further to this, he served on numerous committees in various positions:  
Branch Chairman of the Eudunda Station  
Delegate from the Eudunda Station to the Lower North Zone of the SA Ambulance Service  
Chairman of the Lower North Zone of the SA Ambulance Service  
Zone Representative from the Lower North Zone to the Country Ambulance Service Advisory Committee

Finally he said “I would like to thank all my peers within the SA Ambulance Service that have assisted me in any way and wish you and all your peers all the best for the future”.

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