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The Eudunda Ambulance parked outside of the Robertstown CFS Station with James Janetzki, (Left) Barb Neindorf - Branch Committee Member (Middle) & Val Menzel (Right)

A Training exercise in the Robertstown CFS Station & Peace Hall car park.

L - R: Val Menzel, Julie McDonald, Adrian Menzel, Michael McDonald (Assisting) & Lisa Menzel (Patient on the stretcher)

Wanted: Volunteer Ambulance Officers - See Below

"Hover your pointer over the Phone Number and see what happens"

Eudunda Ambulance conducting a Recruiting Campaign

The task of recruiting for Eudunda Ambulance Officers is an ongoing task, due to not being able to be successful in gaining sufficient Officers in recent years.  

Unfortunately it has come to the stage where it is critical for the Eudunda & Districts Branch to gain new members, to be able to provide a satisfactory service, without any long delays.  

The Eudunda Branch conducts their recruiting campaign during April & May of every year, where they plan various strategies in an attempt to achieve their goal.

There are various avenues that they use. 

They are:

1.      Advertising in the local newspapers

2.      Notices in school newsletters

3.      Displaying of a recruiting banner in the townships of Eudunda, Point Pass & Robertstown

4.      Word of mouth by the current crew members

5.      Letters to individual persons who have shown some interest in becoming an Ambulance Officer at some time

6.      Approaching previous members to see if they are able to assist

7.      Displaying of notices within the local businesses in the towns

It is not a problem having an Ambulance garaged at Eudunda or Robertstown, but it cannot be used to it’s full extent if there is insufficient persons to crew it 24 hours of the day, 7 days per week.

“The Eudunda Service has a policy which is, while we are unable to fill our Roster completely for 365 days of the year, we MUST recruit. At the moment we are not achieving that goal, so we are recruiting and have to continue until we are able to do so”.

Volunteers from Eudunda Station train every Tuesday night from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm at the Ambulance Centre, Lloyd Street, Eudunda. Members of the public are invited to attend any training night.

For any one who may be interested in volunteering some of their time to assist their community, in this time of urgent need in becoming an Ambulance Officer, please phone the

Volunteer Team Leader Adrian Menzel resigns from the SA Ambulance Service and St John after 32 years of service

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