"Velocette Motor Cycle Club"

  "2 Day Motor Cycle Road Reliability Trial"


Main Control, Robertstown Oval - Bikes in the pits prior to the start.


The Velocette Motor Cycle Club conducted it's 28th Annual 2 Day Motor Cycle Road Reliability Trail on Saturday, 8th June 2002 and Sunday, 9th June 2002 at Robertstown.

There were 14 Sidecars and 66 Solos entries for the event, which included some local riders which commenced at the Robertstown Oval being the Main Control.

The figure 8 course used, was 130 kilometres per lap and had to be negotiated with 2 laps on each day. This years event had changed format slightly from others where they did not ride at night and the inclusion of a man-made jump within the oval grounds.

Prior to the commencement of the event, all competitors, officials, the local community members and spectators observed a minutes silence in the memory of Ben Brown, from Emu Downs, who died tragically during that week as a result of a motor cycle accident.

Several sections of the course proved to be very difficult to ride through, with some of them "losing it" in the mud holes.

Catering was once again done by the members of the Football and Netball clubs and they were kept busy for most of the event.


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All photos taken near Control 10 on John Neal's property where the bikes had to cross a creek. A popular place for spectators to watch the bikes.

The local organisers for the event Phil Freeman, Mathew Booth and Dale Jenkins spent many hours over the past month marking out the course and along with some members of the Velocette Motor Cycle Club and other local persons acted as Officials.

Every year, all controls have radio communications at their location being conducted by members of the Australian Communications Radio Monitors (ACRM).

The Eudunda Branch of the SA Ambulance Service crew a 4 Wheel Drive Ambulance and the Eudunda Division of St John Ambulance (Operations Branch) provide First Aid coverage at strategic controls with 4 wheel Drive vehicles. They also use their Camper Trailer at Main Control as a First Aid Unit to treat any one who may become sick or injured. Some assistance is supplied every year by several dedicated members of the Adelaide (Motor Cycle) Division of St John.

Overall, the event proved to be very successful again, as most riders, officials and spectators were kept busy doing their own "individual thing".


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