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"2 Day Motor Cycle Road Reliability Trial"


The Velocette Motor Cycle Club conducted it's 35th Annual 2 Day Motor Cycle Road Reliability Trail on Saturday, 6th June 2009 and Sunday, 7th June 2009 in the Robertstown area.

The event commenced at the Robertstown Oval, being the Main Control on Saturday at 1:00 PM and completed at 8:30 PM and again commenced on the Sunday at 8:30 AM and finishing at 4:30 PM.

There were a total of 14 Controls and this year they were named rather than be referred to by their control number. 

The course used was 105 kilometres per lap and had to be negotiated with 2 laps each day, with 1 lap ridden at night on the Saturday and 2 daytime laps on Sunday.

When photos are available from Bradley Hintz, they will be added.

 The conditions ideal for the event and most riders enjoyed all sections.

The popular creek section in John Neal's and almond grove in Geoff Moseys was used again.

Catering was once again done by the members of the Robertstown Football and Netball clubs and they were kept busy for most of the event. 

This weekend is always a busy weekend for the Football Club, as they always conduct their "Annual Dinner Dance" on the Friday night before the Reliability Trial. The weekend is a good means of raising funds for them.

The organisers for the event spent many hours over the past months marking out the course.
Radio communications were conducted by the Australian Citizens Radio Monitors SA Inc (ACRM) who specialise in doing this type of event, with radios at ALL controls and also in the St John, SA Ambulance, Course Controllers and Rescue mobile vehicles.
Ambulance and First Aid Service was supplied to cover the event as per the following:
A Paramedic Ambulance Officer was present to assist the Volunteer Ambulance Officer's from the Eudunda Station
The Eudunda Ambulance crewed by Volunteer Ambulance Officers from the Eudunda Station
The St John Ambulance (Operations Branch) crewed several 4 Wheel Drive First Aid Unit with personnel on board each unit
Located at Main Control was a First Aid Caravan attended by First Aid Personnel to treat any one who may become sick or injured
Some assistance is supplied every year by several dedicated member of the other Ambulance Stations and Divisions of St John.

There is always Communications, Timing & Control Keepers which play an important part of the event and these tasks are carried out by numerous persons who usually specialise in this field.

In the pits at Main Control, there is always family & friends of the riders who take great interest to see how their favourite rider is progressing, but no one is allowed to assist any of the riders.

Overall, the event proved to be very successful with no complaints from any of the riders and most riders really enjoyed participating in the event, except for those who had an accident or bike failure.

There were no major injuries to any competitors.

The Robertstown 2 Day Trial is approximately 1 month before the "World Unique Event" of Motor Cycle Trials Riding, and that is the "24 Hour Motorcycle Trial".

Peter Herrimann from Eudunda, will be once again doing  a very extensive Web Site on this years Event & if you are a Motor Cycle Trials Enthusiast, it is well worthwhile having a look at. 

It has lots of News, Information & Photos.

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