"Bert Schmidt's 80th Birthday"

On Saturday night, 24th May 2003, Mr. Bert Schmidt of Robertstown had all of his family, some relations and friends, joined him at their house at Springhut Creek to celebrate this milestone in his life.

A Bar-B-Que tea commenced the evening and all present socialised with each other.

Like most parties, some people had not seen others for quite some years and this gave them the opportunity to catch up with them and talk about "past times" and what they have been doing since they last met.

A delicious supper was served with a "cuppa" and refreshments were also consumed.

berts_OBE.JPG (69381 bytes)

Bert with his "OBE" Medal that was presented to him.


bert_ schmidt.JPG (75758 bytes)

L-R: Peter Schulz (Son in Law), Bert & Allan Heinrich (Brother in Law).

schmidt_children_sparklers.JPG (80015 bytes)

Schmidt's Grand Children enjoying themselves with "Sparklers".

schmidt_family.JPG (79576 bytes)

"The Schmidt Family"

Back - L-R: Lorraine, Patty, Adrian.

Front - L-R: Malcolm, Bert, Dehla, Cathy.

Absent: Jenny - Had earlier returned to Adelaide.


schmidt_full_family.JPG (77112 bytes)

"The Schmidt Family & Partners"

Back - L-R: Marg Schmidt, Colin Fairey, Lorraine Fairey, Peter Schulz, Patty Schulz, Gayle Schmidt, Adrian Schmidt, Tony Riding.

Front - L-R: Malcolm Schmidt, Bert Schmidt, Dehla Schmidt & Cathy Riding.

Absent: Jenny & Bob.

tennile_schmidt.JPG (78859 bytes)

Tennile Schmidt, Daughter of Adrian & Gayle, who lives right next door to Bert & Dehla with a sparkler, with Dehla behind her and Dehla's sister Mavis, seated.


All present seemed to have had a enjoyable night.


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