"Australia Day - Citizen of the Year Award"

With the assistance of the Australia Day Council of S.A., Council has made Citizen, Young Citizen and Community Event Awards in recognition of the contributions made to the community.

Since the inception of the "Australia Day - Citizen of the Year Awards" in 1984, there have been many citizen's and Events of the Robertstown area that have received that award.

This page acknowledges them all.

"Citizen of the Year Award"

"Young Citizen of the Year Award"

"Community Event of the Year Award"
Year Name Name Name Name
1984 Mr. Angus H Farley Mr. Clarence D Weiss Mr. Roger Schutz  
1985 Mr. Stanley H Noske      
1986 Mrs. Elma G Pfitzner      
1987 Mr. Allan Eberhard      
1988 Mr. Robert Leditschke      
1989 Mrs. Hilda Neindorf Miss Hazel Mosey    
1990 Mrs. Rhonda Lehmann Mr. George Pfitzner    
1991 Mrs. Nell Noske Mr. Merv Lehmann    
1992 Mrs. Judy Milde      
1993 Mrs. Barbara Neindorf      
1994 Mrs. Marie Heinrich      
1995 Mrs. Gladys Schuppan      
1996 Mr. Adrian Menzel      
1997 Mr. Denis Keller O.A.M      
1998 Mr. Ronald Wilksch      
1999 Mrs. Mary Eberhard   Miss Emily Eberhard Community Arts and Craft Display
2000 Mr. Ken Bartel     Robertstown Primary School Celebration Day
2001 Mr. Glen Rooke     New Year's Eve Event
2002 Mr. Arnold M Nicolai     Centenary of Federation Celebrations
2003 Mrs. Dehla Schmidt   Mr. Timothy Schmidt  
2004 Mr. Leon Booth      
2005 Mrs. Karen Brohan   Mr. Simon Keith Robertstown Football Club's 40th Reunion of Dinner Dance
2006 Mrs. Desma Wilksch     Robertstown Netball Club '50th Anniversary'
2007 Mrs. Tracey Rodda      
2008 Mr. Peter Niemz      
2009 Mr. Ross Schutz      
2010 Mrs. Daph Kotz      
2011 Mr. Roy Schmidt      
2012 Mr. John Mosey     Robertstown Primary School Spring Fair


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