"Jaensch's Clearing Sale"

On Friday, 3rd May 2002, Percy & Rhonda Jaensch  - "Nettica" in conjunction with Phil & Marg Zerner - "Glen Bower", conducted their Clearing Sales on the Glen Bower property.

The unique part about their sale, was that they both lived on the "Bower Boundary Road", north of Bower, and they were each others neighbours. 

When you drove out of any one of their gates, you could go straight across the road into the others gate and drive to their houses which were only just off the road.

Below is a selection of photo's that were taken of mainly local persons that attended the sale.

jaepercrhon.JPG (76320 bytes)

Percy and Rhonda Jaensch.

They have retired from the farm and purchased a house in Robertstown.

jaesalauc.JPG (75500 bytes)

The Auctioneer selling some goods.


  jaesal5.JPG (76822 bytes)

The Caterer's were doing a good trade selling food & refreshments.

Pictured are: Behind the table - Front to Back - Bev Semmler, Audrey Ruediger, Helen Wittwer, Judy Milde, David Wittwer and Vonny Janetzki.

Front of Table: Marie Heinrich.

The Catering was done by the Local Womens' Lutheran Ladies Guild.

jaesal2.JPG (78146 bytes)

Left to Right: Carlene Heinrich & Tanya Rutter.

jaesal3.JPG (74604 bytes)

Closest, Jody Kotz with Daph Kotz and Barbara & Sandy Neindorf (in Blue) in front of them.

   jaesal6.JPG (75967 bytes)

Left to Right: Steven Wilksch holding his son, Gordon Schutz, Merv Kleinig & Ross Schutz.

jaesal1.JPG (74589 bytes)

Left to Right: Daph Kotz, Andrew Kotz, Sandy Wilksch, Jody Kotz & Merton (Jackie) Neindorf.

jaesal7.JPG (76312 bytes)

Back Standing L - R: Dylan Eberhard & his girlfriend.

Seated - L - R: Laura Ross, Evelyn (Bubs) Ross, Vanessa O'Brien with their children.

   jaesal8.JPG (74844 bytes)

Cooks - Left to Right: Colin Schaefer & Dean Ruediger.

jaesal4.JPG (75639 bytes)

L - R: Rosy Schulz, Kelvin Ruediger, Neville Heinrich & Maureen Keller. 

 jaesunset.JPG (81286 bytes)

Travelling back to Robertstown with a beautiful Sunset.

In front, dust can be seen from another vehicle and some smoke in the sky from someone "burning off"

   jaestjrobod.JPG (77155 bytes)

The Morgan/Cadell St John Ambulance Division were also in attendance.

Robyn O'Dea takes a well earned break.

The Jaensch's have retired from their farm and have purchased a house in Robertstown.


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