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On Saturday 10th September 2005, the Annual Walkerville All Cars Club Inc. held Round 5 of the 2005 South Australian Rally Championship in the Robertstown area.

The Event was proudly sponsored by "Velo Seats" with stage sponsors as listed below"

Autosport Coopers Pale Ale Rally SA
Carburettor Sales and Service Kent Town Auto Tune
Contact Communications McIntyre Crash Repairs
MGA Insurance Brokers Ampol Norwood
Povey Motors Silverstone Tyres
Revolution Racegear DAKAR Rack Systems
Revolution Racegear Saratoga Software Distribution

Entry List

The event commenced at 12 noon, with 30 cars leaving Rally Headquarters at the Robertstown Oval for competition through a 12 competitive stage course, 8 during daylight and 4 at night, set out by the organisers for the Drivers and Navigators negotiate.

After the daylight session, the cars returned to the oval and were attended to by their Service Crew/s to check them for any faults and make any adjustments that may have been required.


Car 8 - Robert Whyatt's car prior to going out for the night stages




Car 9 - Tim Ramage's car waiting to go out on the night stages after it had been serviced

At 6pm they left for another 4 stages, which was run during the night. 

There were some minor incidents throughout the event by the way of cars running off the track and being unable to continue and others which had some type of vehicle failure.

Provisional Results were posted at the end of the event for Drivers & Navigators to see how they went and in particular for the spectators, how their favourite driver was able to drive during the event.

Overall, according to the Organisers, the event ran smoothly and was very successful.

Final Results with be posted when they are available

See you all next year!

For more information about the Car Rally, go to the Walkerville All Cars Club Web Site.

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