"Preventative Maintenance - 2003"

The Robertstown Holy Cross Lutheran Church Inc., recently were bequest a block of land that adjoins the Church & Manse property.

Mrs. TA (Nell) Noske, a life time member of the church, donated the land, to the church which also contains a large shed and bore.

Tenders were request from the public to lease the block and the successful persons were Adrian & Val Menzel of Robertstown.

Within their tender they indicated that they were not going to use the bore, so the Church Council decided to pull up the pump before it deteriorated to the extent that it would cost a great deal of money to replace it at a later date.

On Friday, 18th July 2003, some members of the congregation, Dean, Kelvin & Andrew Ruediger and Scott Schaefer in conjunction with Mr. Brian Quick from Manoora (Bore Contractor) went through the process of pulling it up.

The following is photos of the process:

Pulling up the first length of pipe, which is approximately 3/4 the way up.

Pulling up another length.

As the pipe is being pulled, the power cable is laid to one side.

Andrew (squatting) & Scott (standing) is securing and un-doing the pipe, while Brian is operating the crane.

Covering the area so that no-one gets wet when it is disconnected.

And yes, there is water down below.

Laying the pipe to one side.

Finally, the pump. 

L - R : Kelvin, Dean & Brian.

Laying the pump with the pipe.

Scott (Left), Andrew (Middle) & Dean (Right) inspecting the pump.

The job is nearly finished. The crane being lowered back into the travelling position.

Another photo of the packing up process.

When completed, some measurements were taken:

Item Length/Size - Imperial Length/Size - Metric Item Length/Size -  Metric Length/Size : Imperial
Bore Diameter: 7 inches 18cm Water Depth: 20 feet 6.1 metres
Pipe Diameter:  4 inches 10cm Pump Depth:  194 feet 58.8 metres
Pipe Length: 21 foot 6 inches 6.5 metres Pump Length: 10 feet 3 metres
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