"Tothill Range Fire"

On the evening of Saturday, 21st January 2006, a fire was started by lightening in the Tothill Ranges, north of the Tothill Gap.

Tothill Gap - Southern End of the fire

Middle of the fire in the ranges

Northern end

Southern End


Middle of the fire in the ranges

View from Hazel Ross's house looking west


View from Peter & Dianne Ross's house looking west

Due to the terrain that it was in, the fire was difficult to fight and the prevailing weather conditions at the time did not assist fire fighters.

Fire trucks at the command post awaiting further orders

Fire Fighters assessing the situation

A tree being extinguished

An example of the terrain


Fire Trucks refilling from tankers of water bought to the scene

As a result of this fire fighters were assisted by helicopters on the Sunday.

Below is a selection of photos of the helicopters at the Robertstown oval landing, refuelling and taking off to return to the fire.

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