"Robertstown Bowling Club"

Prior to the 2006/2007 season, Lawn Bowls at Robertstown consisted of 2 clubs, Men's & Women's and it was decided to amalgamate to make one club being the "Robertstown Bowling Club".

Club Singles Champions: Men - Ron Wilksch, Women - Pauline (Polly) Mansell

Photos of the inside of the clubrooms as they were in January 2007.

Men's Honour Board

Women's Honour Board

Men's Pennants that have been won

Women's Plaques that have been won on the left wall

Front door entrance with the Men's Notice Board on the left

Men's Notice Board

Front door entrance with the Women's Notice Board on the right

Women's Notice Board

Back Door & Spinning Wheel

Kitchen Area

Bar Area

Bar area looking from the Kitchen area

Photo of Mr Bert Ruediger who served 15 years as the Secretary of the Club

Club Sponsor Board with plaques of the Sponsors

In remembrance board (Left) & Women's plaques

For information prior to 2006/2007 go to:
Robertstown Men's Bowling Club Robertstown Women's Bowling Club
Season's after Amalgamation Information:


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