"Julia Light Tennis Association"

The Julia Light Tennis Association consists of Tennis Teams from the following town/s and/or areas:

Brady Creek
Point Pass

The teams from each club are submitted at the Annual General Meeting and a program is drawn up for the season's competition. This generally consists of approximately 14 Senior and 8 Junior teams.

At the completion of the Minor Round, the first four Senior teams (1st - 4th) compete in the Finals for the A Grade Premiership and the second four Senior teams (5th - 8th) compete for the B Grade Premiership. 

The Juniors have a similar structure, where the first 4 Junior teams compete for the C1 Premiership and the second 4 compete for the C2 Premiership. 

For details of the Tennis Clubs that compete in the Association within the area, refer to: 

Robertstown Tennis Club Brady Creek Tennis Club  Point Pass Tennis Club

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