"Goyder Interpretive Gardens"

It is being developed within the "Working Towns Project"

This park is what used to be the "Old Railway Yards".

garden-oldrailtracks-nthsth.JPG (77649 bytes)

A view of where  the old Railway line used to be, looking from the front of the garden.

garden-oldrailtracks-sthnth.JPG (82017 bytes)

A view of where  the old Railway line used to be, looking towards  the front of the garden.

crane_silo.JPG (83085 bytes)

A view of the crane & the silo's in the background.

crane.JPG (77265 bytes)

Within the yards was a crane that was used. It is intended to restore it to it's original condition.

Work is continually being done in this area.

As this area is being further developed, further information will be placed on this page to keep you up to date with what is happening in this area.

garden-goyder-signs.JPG (183379 bytes)

The sign at the front of the Park, referring the Garden that is being established.

garden_goyder_sign.JPG (75835 bytes)

The sign at the front of the Park, with the details of George Woodroofe Goyder who drew Goyder's Line.


1. The gateway to the gardens is now finished and is a credit to the hard work of the committee and volunteers. The walls, silhouettes and tiles have created a traffic - stopping feature in our main street.

For more information, view the Federation Park - Centenary Celebration's 2001 page


2. The gardens working group has been busy planning the layout of the garden. It is important that they plan it carefully, as this garden will be part of the community for many generations, and we get only one chance to set it up properly.

The layout is designed to depict the area, where a path is Goyder's Line and planting the flora equivalent to what is on each side of the line. West and East.


garden-westgoyder.JPG (81137 bytes)

The area on the Western Side of Goyder's Line.

garden-stheast-nthwest.JPG (80409 bytes)

The pathway that depicts Goyder's Line.

garden-eastgoyder.JPG (80006 bytes)

The area on the Eastern Side of Goyder's Line.


3. The garden was enclosed with a temporary fence on 14th November 2001, and the garden working group planted 140 plants. The plants have been mulched and had tyres put over them to protect them from wind and rabbits.

During August 2002, another 80 plants were planted on both sides of the Goyder's Line pathway.

Another 150 plants will be planted within another section of the garden which will be developed as the "Heritage Area". This is Stage 2 of the Project.

Below is some photo's of the Garden during it's development stage.

garden-goydersline.JPG (76310 bytes)

A view of the garden from the front, just behind the sign.

garden-neighbour.JPG (82299 bytes)

A view of an adjoining block where trees and shrubs were planted some time ago.

garden-ntheastgoyder.JPG (77833 bytes)

Another view which shows the fence that was erected and the tyres that were placed around the trees that have been planted.

garden-ntheast-sthwest.JPG (84309 bytes)

A view from the western side.

garden-eastcorner.JPG (81836 bytes)

A view of the North Eastern corner.

garden-ntheast-sthwest.JPG (84309 bytes)

A view from the North Eastern Corner looking in a South Westerly direction.


4. Further landscaping has take place by the way of:
  •      A creek has been cut through the eastern side of the garden.

garden-creek.JPG (80555 bytes)

  •      A imitation mound is in the process of being built to represent the "Tothill Range".

garden-sthwest-ntheast.JPG (79401 bytes)


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