"Inspiration Point"

The photo shown which is used on numerous pages on the website, is taken from "Inspiration Point".

This area is 6 Kilometres west of the town and overlooks the "Murray Flats"

If you visit Robertstown, it is worthwhile driving up there just to have a look.

You will be surprised what you will see.

Numerous years ago, the Robertstown Community Management Inc. contacted the Regional Council of Goyder to upgrade the road that goes to Inspiration Point as it was intended to develop the area as a tourist attraction for the town and immediate area.

The Council had a report done by an independent consultation company that they use and it was found that the cost of doing it was very high so it was not done.

It is still on the agenda of the Robertstown Community Management Inc. as it is believed that if a Car Park with Shelters and other Facilities could be there, it would be a Major Tourist Attraction due to the view as what can be seen in the photo above.


Please take care on the road when you drive up there, as it is narrow and one way traffic only for the last Kilometre!

inspire_signs_direction.JPG (76400 bytes)

The signs at the crossroads where you go to Inspiration Point.



inspire_road_town.JPG (80804 bytes)

A view of the road up to Inspiration Point at the western edge of the town.


A selection of photos from "Inspiration Point" looking from the South to the North.

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