"Kaiser Lookout"

To the south of Robertstown along the ranges is a prominent hill that stands out in the distance named "Kaiser Stuhl"

It is on private property, so it is restricted to whom may go there, however, it is part of the "Eudunda Heritage Trail" and with permission of the land owner, some photos have been taken.

kaiser_view_from_pt_pass.JPG (770584 bytes)

Kaiser from the Point Pass Township

kaiser_pt_pass.JPG (828122 bytes)

Point Pass Township from Kaiser

kaiser_pt_pass_view_immanuel.JPG (847197 bytes)

Immanuel Lutheran Church (Golden Steeple) from Kaiser

kaiser_view_eudunda.JPG (793159 bytes)

Eudunda from Kaiser

kaiser_gustav.JPG (795873 bytes)

Gustav plaque that denotes Kaiser being part of the Eudunda Heritage Trial

kaiser_cutting_road.JPG (818744 bytes)

The "Cutting Road" that takes you to Kaiser from Point Pass

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