"Robertstown Lagoon"

Approximately 3 Kilometres south of Robertstown on the road towards Eudunda, there is a low lying area where the Brady Creek empties into when there is sufficient rain to make the water run and this is known as the "Robertstown Lagoon".

This does not happen every year, but when there is either very heavy thunderstorms for a period of time or consistent rain for a long period, water from the Bluff Ranges west of the town goes into the Brady Creek and finishes in the lagoon.

In 1974, when Robertstown had a record rainfall for the year of 793.9 mm - 3176 points, the lagoon filled up to the extent that the water went over the road and washed sections of it away. The road was closed and when the water receded, the local council repaired the road and built it up at the same time so this would not occur again.

The photos shown are evidence of what occurred.

South towards Point Pass

West towards the ranges

North towards Robertstown

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