"Springhut Creek"

To the north of Robertstown, there is the "Springhut Creek" which commences near the road to Emu Downs & Black Springs, approximately 5 kilometres from the town.

It runs in an easterly direction and empties out onto a flood plain north of Bower.

The creek is predominantly dry, but it has numerous springs along it, however, when there is heavy rain, there can be a considerable amount of water in it.

Below is a selection of photos of the creek.

Photos are taken approximately 5 kilometres north of Robertstown at the floodway where the creek crosses it.
creek_floodway_highway.jpg (99524 bytes)

The water as seen from a vehicle.

creek_floodway_water.jpg (176460 bytes)

The indicator shows the depth.

creek_floodway_west.jpg (162297 bytes)

Looking west along the creek.

creek_floodway_east.jpg (176872 bytes)

Looking east along the creek.

Photos are taken approximately 10 kilometres east of Robertstown east of Gavin Rodda's Place.

(Sorry for the quality of these photos)

creek_empty.jpg (223211 bytes)

The empty creek.

creek_water_approach.jpg (194326 bytes)

The water approaching.

creek_water_arrive.jpg (192354 bytes)

The arrival of the water.

creek_water_going.jpg (248721 bytes)

There it goes.


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