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From Adelaide viewing the Robertstown Area

(Via Thiele Highway and Scenic Road)

Travel South from Adelaide towards Eudunda and approx 2 Kms SOUTH of Eudunda on top of the "Eudunda Hill" turn right towards Saddleworth.

Continue for approx 200 metres, veer right towards Hampden. Continue through Hampden and travel 4 Kms, to "Flat Hill", turn right onto Scenic Rd.

Continue straight ahead for 12 Kms, past the Point Pass T Junction (Cutting Road) and at the next intersection veer right onto Scenic Road.

Continue along Scenic Road, past Kaiser Stuhl on the right (PRIVATE PROPERTY) for 6 kms until you come to "Inspiration Point. There you can enjoy the INSPIRING view of Robertstown and the area surrounding it.

Once you have completed this, the road goes straight ahead to Robertstown, but PLEASE DO NOT go down it, unless you desperately have to, as you will miss some more good views of your drive.

Go back to Garden Road (100 metres South) and travel West until you come to Ngapala Road, turn right  and travel 9 kms, through the "Brady Creek" area until you come to Bluff Road.

Turn Right and travel 1 Km to the Black Springs Road, (The Church - Emu Downs on the left at the intersection) continue straight ahead (Treat the intersection with CAUTION) onto ** Road and travel 5 kms to the Hallelujah Hills Road.

Continue straight ahead onto the Hallelujah Hills Road and travel on this road to the Worlds End Highway.

Turn left onto Worlds End Highway and travel 4 kms to the Worlds End area, straight over the Burra creek for another 200 metres and turn left towards the Worlds End Gorge.

This area is a very popular camping site with Toilet and BBQ facilities available. You can camp, rest, eat & swim in this area, but PLEASE respect this area and clean up before you leave.

Upon completion of what you wish to do here, return to the Worlds End Highway, turn Right and travel to Robertstown. (23 Kms)

In Robertstown you can visit Lehmann's General Store for your needs, (eats & drinks etc) Robertstown Hotel, (eats & drinks etc) but have a look at the Federation Gardens, (on the left on the way in) Community Centre - incorporating the Telecentre,  Library and Toilets & Playground for the children.

You can also visit the Zion & St John's Cemeteries if you wish.

Once you have completed your visit in Robertstown, travel South towards Eudunda, to Point Pass, (11 Kms) noting Kaiser Stuhl (PRIVATE PROPERTY) on your right.

In Point Pass, you can visit the Point Pass Hotel, (eats & drinks etc) St Peter's Cemetery, Point Pass Hall - (Tennis Courts & Playground) and the Point Pass Oval (Site of the old "Point Pass Speedway") on the right the way out of the town.

Ahead you will see the "Golden Steeple" (Old Immanuel College, Old Immanuel Manse, [Both PRIVATE PROPERTY] Immanuel Lutheran Church & Immanuel Cemetery) of which you can visit the latter 2, then continue South, past the Emmaus Cemetery and go back into Eudunda.

This drive should take you approximately 5 hours and it is hoped that you enjoy the drive.

When you have completed this drive, please come back here and give us some comments re this drive.   Webmaster - Comments - Tourist Drive - Eudunda

A "Tourist Drive" is in the process of being developed by the "Goyder Tourism Committee" and below is a copy of the MAP that will be used.

The map has numbers on it and these refer to the location, with a brief description, as designated within the table, below the map.

The locations that have their own page, have a "Link" to them in the table below the map.





1. Inspiration Point Unique views of the Murray Flats, backed by the Tothill Ranges
2. Webb's Gap Steep crossing of the Tothill Range
3. Apoinga Locality of the Burra mine smelter -1849
4. Hallelujah Hills A pleasant drive on the way to Worlds End
5. Burra Creek Gorge Reserve A hidden treasure on the edge of Goyder's Line
6. Worlds End Locality , old post office beside the Burra creek and the old footbridge
7. Robertstown Pumping Station No.4 pumping station - Morgan/Whyalla pipeline
8. Robertstown Lagoon End of the Brady Creek flowing out of the tablelands to the west
9. Black Springs A small town to the west of Robertstown
10. Manoora This town is on the Barrier Highway between Burra & Saddleworth
11. Saddleworth This town is on the Barrier Highway between Manoora & Riverton
12. Eudunda This town is 22 Kilometres south of Robertstown
13. Bower A town, east of Eudunda on the Morgan road
14. Geranium Plain No.3 pumping station, where the pipeline crosses the Spring Hut Creek.
15. Kaiser Lookout Good views from above Point Pass.


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