"Worlds End Reserve"

(Previously known as Burra Gorge)

In relation to the name of the gorge, the official geographical name is Burra Gorge.  Worlds End Gorge has been recorded as a local (unapproved) name for Burra Gorge.

With the amalgamation of the previous District Council's of Burra Burra, Eudunda, Robertstown and Hallett to form the Regional Council of Goyder, there became some confusion with the Burra Creek.

Due to the Burra Creek flowing through the township of Burra and also the Worlds End area where it finally ends at the River Murray just East of Morgan, there were problems with the differentiation between both areas.

The Robertstown Community Management Inc. along with the Council applied to the SA Government Gazette - Geographical Names in 2014 to have the area changed to the "Worlds End Reserve".

This is a very popular tourist & camping site, 21 Kilometres north of the town on the Worlds End Highway.

  (Signposted from Robertstown and at the turn off on the Worlds End Highway)

There are signs erected at numerous places in Robertstown and Eudunda directing people to the Worlds End Reserve and below is some of them.

Unfortunately there are still some signs that have the words "Burra Creek Gorge" on them where the SA Dept. of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure have been requested to change them.

Entry into Robertstown

In Eudunda travelling towards Kapunda

In Robertstown

In Eudunda travelling towards Morgan

Going out of Robertstown

Going out of Eudunda

In Eudunda

A closer photo of the sign going out of Eudunda

Signs at the turn off from the Worlds End Highway showing the direction & distance to Robertstown. Signs at the turn off from the Robertstown to Burra Road, showing the direction & distance to Robertstown and Burra.
bur-ck-dir-sign.JPG (81502 bytes)

The old signs before the name change

bur-ck-signs.JPG (81374 bytes)

The old signs before the name change

On the entrance to the Reserve, all appropriate information for the area, is displayed for people to read when they visit the area and hopefully observe all the rules.

"The reserve is frequently visited by the Burra & Eudunda Police".

bur-ck-entsign.JPG (73171 bytes)

Information sign at the entrance to the Reserve.

"Please obey all Rules that are applicable to the area to preserve it from degradation".

There is always flowing water in the creek, with picturesque views and a walking trail up into the Gorge.

bur-ck-crossing.JPG (83780 bytes)

The creek crossing that leads to the Western Car Park and the walking trail up into the Gorge.

People camping within the area is always popular and very seldom is that there is no-one within the large area that the reserve covers.

bur-ck-camp1.JPG (78694 bytes)

A Victorian couple who are spending some time enjoying the area and relaxing.

bur-ck-camp2.JPG (42942 bytes)

A small family who have set up their tent and are just settling in for an overnight stay.

Swimming, Trout Fishing and Yabbying are always popular pastimes for the campers who go there.

Toilets, Car Parking and Bar-B-Que facilities are available.

bur-ck-toilet.JPG (77196 bytes)

A view of the one of the Toilets and Car Parking area.

bur-ck-table.JPG (77176 bytes)

A view of one of many of the Bar-B-Que facilities that are available to be used.

A historic remain within the reserve, is a "Footbridge" that was erected between 2 large gum trees, many years ago for a safe crossing when the creek was "in flood".

At some stage it is planned to restore it.

To have a look at it, is worthwhile, as it is part of the history of the area and it really stands out as to what our pioneers were capable of doing during their days.

It is located just on the Western side of the floodway, where the creek crosses the Robertstown to Burra road.

bur-ck-footbridge.JPG (67935 bytes)

The "old footbridge"

To assist with the ongoing maintenance & improvements to the area, it would be appreciated if everyone who uses the facilities, would leave a donation in the "Donation Tin" at the grid, which is at the entrance to the Gorge.

Thanks goes to those persons who have been there, used the facilities and given a donation.

If you go there, could you also please respect the "Private Property" nearby and the whole area to keep it as popular as what it is.

Below is a selection of photos that were taken from the top of a hill on the Northern side, along the Creek.

bur_ck_1.jpg (233922 bytes)


bur_ck_2.jpg (335066 bytes)

South West

bur_ck_6.jpg (211601 bytes)

North East

bur_ck_4.jpg (280340 bytes)


bur_ck_5.jpg (262902 bytes)

South East

bur_ck_7.jpg (259598 bytes)

East - Down Stream

  bur_ck_3.jpg (358150 bytes)

North West - Up Stream

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